Betta Care Guide

Characteristics :

Average Adult Size

2 1/2 inches long, not including Tail

Average Life Span

Up to 3 years with proper care



Minimum Aquarium Size

1/4 + Gallons

Water Temperature

72 – 82 º F

A well balanced Betta diet consists of :

  • A variety of flakes
  • Pellets
  • Freeze-dried Bloodworms
  • Frozen Foods

Feeding :

  • Thaw frozen fooods
  • Feed nothing more than the fish can eat in a minute
  • Baby Betta Fish eat smaller pellets
  • Over-feeding can foul the water

Housing :

  • Bettas are fond of still water with little or no current
  • Male Bettas are quite aggressive hence need to be housed individually

Signs of a healthy fish :

  • Active and alert
  • Eats regularly
  • Vibrant colours (Males)
  • Reacts to external stimulus