Eruption Discus Care Guide

eruption 1

  • Difficulty:Advanced
  • Max Growth Size:20 cm
  • Temperament:Peaceful, territorial when breeding.
  • Preferred Water Parameters:
    • Temperature:26-30 degrees celsius
    • pH Level:6.0-7.0
    • General Hardness:Soft


  • Range: South America: Amazon basin


  • Reproduction: Lays eggs on a firm surface, the eggs (and hatched fry) are cared for by both parents. The adult fish secrete a body slime for their fry to feed upon as their first food source.


  • Feeding: Carnivorous. Live and frozen foods, but also accepts dry foods.


  • Additional Comments: Needs some hiding places and prefers a tank at least 45cm deep. Occurs in several natural colour variants, as well as numerous aquarium colour strains (the result of selective breeding). Very popular. Discus require well-filtered water and regular partial water changes.