Flowerhorn Care

The Flowerhorn is a hybrid cichlid fish crossbred and created by a man in the early 1990’s in Malaysia and Taiwan from Central America. The four main types of the Flowerhorn are the Zhen Zhu, Golden Monkey, Kamfa and Golden Base or Faders. And the most famous type is named the Red Dragon Flowerhorn.

Before you want to keep the Flowerhorn species as your favorite fish, you need to know more about the fish and how to take care of the Flowerhorn Cichlid. To keep your Flowerhorn stay healthy and beautiful in the aquarium, there are some tips of Flowerhorn fish care that would be helpful during the process.


You can choose a tank with a 75 gallon water capacity or more to house your Flowerhorn Cichlid which will give it a comfortable place to live in. The water temperature requires to be considered which is around 80 – 85° Fahrenheit (27-29°C). Make sure the water pH is 6.5-7.0 so the fish can live healthy and happily. With the big tank, it will be spacy enough for your fish to have room to swim around until it become larger in size.

You should keep the bottom of the tank clean from leftover food and clean up every inches of the tank where there a growth of algae during the water change. Unfinished food can affect the health of your fish.

The water temperature should also be kept consistent. Using aquarium heater to raise the temperature to make the water stay warm and your fish will feel comfortable.


The next part of Flowerhorn fish care is feed them with live food such as small fish like drain guppy or shrimps. Besides that, you can also feed them with other kind of food such as frozen bloodworm which is more nutritious. Feed them twice a week which is best for it to receive enough protein contained in live fish and bloodworm.


When your fish beside than Flowerhorn shows symptom of Hexamita, you should separate the other fish from the sick fish for prevention. Prepare another tank for the healthy fish and move it to the clean tank. Change the water and clean the tank for the unhealthy fish.